nGuage Tuner with 3 MPT Tunes

2017+ Ford Raptor

Starting at $ 699.99


Product details

Clean | Sleek | Tuner | Data Logger | Diagnostic Tool

MPT was a pioneer for tuning the Ecoboost F150. We've spent more hours than we'd like to admit on the dyno developing and refining our series of MPT tunes. We've taken our own personal ecoboost truck to the drag strip and raced it. We daily drive our vehicles in order to know the vehicle inside and out. This knowledge has helped us develop MPT tunes that are purpose built with results that will surprise you.

  • Re-program PCM with MPT Performance
  • Maintains backup of factory programming
  • MPT exclusive pre-set gauges ready to data log
  • Easy 3 touch logging system
  • Tap gauge screen, Tap Start Log, Tap to stop
  • Read Check Engine Codes
  • Truck feels lighter and is more fun to drive.
  • Increased part throttle and wide open throttle boost.
  • Huge Gains in Torque and Horse Power.
  • Throttle Response is drastically improved.
  • Faster 0-60
  • Quicker 1/4 times
  • Better shift points and shift firmness optimized.
  • Removed Speed Limiters.
  • Raised Rev Limiters.

What's Included:

  • nGauge Tuner Gauge
  • OBDII Cable
  • Stylus
  • Micro-SD Memory Card
  • Gauge pod adapter with single T tab mounting holes

With Your 3 MPT Tunes:

  • Instructions on how to load MPT tunes.
  • Instructions on how to data log.
  • 60 days of preference based changes.
  • Free forever tune updates on parts purchased through MPT.
  • Free smiles and Raptor lovin'.

Not legal for sale in California.

How does the process work? How do I get my MPT tunes?

  1. Make your purchase. The N-Gauge will be shipped out to you with step by step instructions.
  2. Once the nGauge is received you will use it to download your stock file. Online/Printable How to Save Stock || Video of How to Save Stock
  3. Send us a copy of your stock file along with the 3 tunes of your choice and any modifications done to the vehicle.
  4. Receive your tunes via email. MPT will build the tunes per your request and deliver via email along with important info on how to load and use them.

Check out this Video Here