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Your 2017 Ford Raptor comes with 6 auxiliary switches located in the overhead console. These switches make installing aftermarket accessories easier. This includes lights, compressors, 2-way radios and other electronic accessories.

Switch Fuse Amps Fuse Location Relay Location
Aux 1 15 Amp 47 81
Aux 2 15 Amp 48 83
Aux 3 10 Amp 94 115
Aux 4 10 Amp 96 116
Aux 5 5 Amp 98 53
Aux 6 5 Amp 100 64

Each switch already has a relay and a fuse installed. If you do not plan on exceeding the amp draw of the fuse for each switch, you do not need to install the relay that comes with your accessories.

Each switch has a blunt-cut wire that is located near the power distribution box under the hood. When installing accessories, you can connect your hot wire from the accessory to the wire from the desired switch. You will then need to connect your ground wire to an appropriate grounding point.

Switch Circuit Wire Color
Aux 1 CBB47A Green/Blue
Aux 2 CBB48A Gray/Yellow
Aux 3 CBB94 Violet/Orange
Aux 4 CBB96 Brown/Blue
Aux 5 CBB98A Gray/Orange
Aux 6 CBBA0B Yellow/Violet

Be sure not to exceed the amperage for each circuit. You will want to choose the circuit that most closely matches your device amp draw without going over. You may want to insert a lower wattage fuse for small devices so that your device is not way over fused. It is also a good idea to carry a few extra fuses of assorted amperage in your truck in case something blows a fuse.

If you would like to install multiple devices on a single switch that exceeds the amperage for that switch, you will need to wire relays inline for each device on that switch circuit.

If you would like to wire a device inside the cab to one of the switches, you will need to connect the blunt-cut wire on the left side to one of the pass-through wires on the right side with the matching circuit colored wire. This passthrough wire passes through the firewall and is terminated behind the panel to the right of the glove box just above the passenger side kick panel. You may need to pull down the auxiliary wires to access them. They are sometimes also located closer to the corner of the kick panel and door threshold.

Recommended Tools & Supplies

  • Butt Splices
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter Tool
  • High Temp Wire Loom