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ARB CKMTA12 Air Compressor

ARB On-Board High Performance 12 Volt Twin Air Compressor

Price $ 545.00


Product details

ARB USA super performance 12V compressor sets a new performance bar for on-board/underhood portable air systems.

ARB CKMTA12, originally developed for the U.S. Army for rapid inflation of large tires as well as the high volume air needs of most air powered tools,  is a world class recreational product designed and built to commercial/industrial standards to survive harsh and demanding outback conditions.

This compact vehicle mounted compressor has been designed to do everything! Activate your ARB Air Locking Differentials, air up a 35 inch tire in less than a minute and run air tools. This 100% duty cycle, 6.16 CFM compressor is built to support all of your compressed air needs. Includes a full wiring harness, air locker solenoid terminals, OE-grade compressor isolating switch, mounting hardware and instructions.