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Viair Quarter Duty Onboard Air System


Price $ 179.95


Product details

Quarter Duty Cycle Onboard Air System is a smaller, 120 psi onboard air system, suitable for many pneumatic needs, including smaller inflation tasks (not including the inflation of automotive tires), air horns and more. The 25% Duty Cycle Onboard Air System will provide enough service time to operate for about 10 minutes of continued use, providing you give the system 30 minutes to cool down afterwards.

- 2.0 Gallon VIAIR Air Tank
- 275C VIAIR Air Compressor
- Pressure Switch (90 PSI on, 120 PSI off)
- 40-amp Relay
- 145 PSI Safety Valve
- 1/4” Drain Cock
- 1/4” Compression Fitting
- 20ft. 16 Gauge Wire with Inline Fuse Holder
- Accessory Airline
- Electrical Connections

All Fittings are NPT rated unless otherwise noted.